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Award Winning Exhibition Stand

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The London Fire Brigade wanted to be the first emergency service to exhibit at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show and they turned to our team to make it happen.

Three months in the making, our design teams took concepts and the Brigades “Act on Flooding” message and working closely with teams across London, designed, built and delivered an award-winning stand featured across the media and on primetime TV. 

The brief

  • Be the first emergency service to exhibit
  • Educate the public on flooding
  • Demonstrate the Brigades flood response
  • Promote the use of permeable materials
  • Produce two films to compliment the stand

Left: Our design team brought to life a concept of two houses, one with a stunning garden and driveway built with permeable materials and a concreted driveway with a real car surrounded by flood water and flood response equipment.

The solution

Over the course of 3 months, our team designed and built the bespoke stand while working with teams across the Brigade.

Designed to highlight the issues of flooding in urban areas it featured a tank with a fully submerged car to show the worst-case scenario flooding incidents firefighters could be faced with.

It showed how permeable paving and extra planting can reduce the risk of flooding in people’s homes and what people should do if they are affected by flooding as well as how to prepare for it.

In addition to the stand itself, our video teams spent a week embedded across London Fire Brigade producing two videos to highlight their flood response capabilities and how the Brigade utilises it's station gardens across London.

During the course of the week long Chelsea Flower Show, the stand received considerable press coverage, online media and a primetime news feature.

The result was the second highest medal awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society, the Silver Gilt medal.

The result

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